The World According to Jim

ID, Appraisal Checks

Hopefully the next batch of loot will be quality over quantity =P

1x Vial of Translucent Liquid: 15+6=21 (knowledge arcana?)
1x Unidentified Scroll: 17+4=21 (spellcraft)
2x Unidentified Scroll: 1+4=5 , 8+4=12(one roll for each, if it works on one I should know the other right?)
1x Unidentified Scroll: 3+4=7
1x Unidentified Scroll: 3+4=7
3x Unidentified Wand: 18+4=22 , 15+4=19 , 18+4=22

1x Divine Scroll of Delay Poison: 17+1=18
1x Divine Scroll of Detect Magic: 6+1=7
3x Hematite Chunk: 10+1=11, 12+1=13, 6+1=7
1x Jasper Stone: 13+1=14
1x Vial of Translucent Liquid: 19+1=20
1x Vial of Tyr Holy Water: 2+1=3
2x Unidentified Scroll: 12+1=13, 2+1=3
1x Unidentified Scroll: 14+1=15
1x Unidentified Scroll: 19+1=20
3x Unidentified Wand: 2+1=3, 13+1=14, 15+1=16
?x Silver Bars: 1+1=2

(I have 978g 6s, I think)



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